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Major Projects Topics for Electronics and Communication Engg

Saturday, January 26

                                                 Major Projects Topics Lists

• 4-Legged Robot

• Remote Surveillance Vehicle

• Temperature Sensor Interfacing

• RF (Wireless) Module Interfacing

• Bluetooth Operated Robot

• Device Controlling by Bluetooth

• Object Counter using IR sensor

• Data Transfer Using UART

• Password Protected Door Lock

• Microcontroller Based Calculator

• Industrial Automation Using Cellphone

• Home Security System

• Temperature controlled Fan

• Automatic Room light Controller with Visitor Counter

• Laser Based Automatic Visitor Counter cum Room Light Controller

• SD Card Interfacing With Microcontroller

• Wireless Robot with RF control

• Microcontroller based Wireless Robot with RF control

• Wireless Spy Robot with Video Transmission

• PS2 Keyboard interfacing with Microcontroller

• Wireless text transmission using UART and RF module

• AC appliance control by Relay and Microcontroller

• AC appliance control by Bluetooth Mobile

• Football Playing Wired Robot

• Football Playing Wireless Robot

• Servo Based Six Legged Hexapod

• Robotic ARM

• SMS based Security System

• Robot controlling using PC/Laptop using wireless RF module
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